Our roadmap

Our goal is to recreate the entire wine ecosystem on the blockchain. From grapes to wines, we want to reproduce all the steps in a gamified way to bring real utility and value to the NFTs. This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take World Wide Wine.

01 - DONE
The first “cuvée” - SOLD OUT
Launch of the first collection

A good wine is a quality wine. We wish that it is the same for our wwwine. That's why we want to focus on the first collection. Validate our concept, define the attributes of our NFTs, refine their design and gather a strong and passionate community. It will be essential for the continuation that the owners of the first wwwine adhere 100% to our vision and follow us in the history that we will write.

02 - DONE
Let's harvest some $GRAPES
Creation of the token and launch of the staking

Your wwwine are safe in your wallet ? Perfect, now it's time to set up a gamified ecosystem that will allow you to take advantage of World Wide Wine. The creation of the $GRAPES token will be a key step forward and we will need the whole community to animate this part. An airdrop is planned for all wwwine owners to thank them for their support. The staking will be launched in parallel and will begin the governance of the vintages of the 2022 collection. More information here

From a millennium market to the latest trend
Gamify the wine ecosystem

The wine market is millennial and is struggling to become digital. It is often seen as elitist, and the new generations have difficulty appropriating it. The ambition of this part of our roadmap is to bring gamification into the system. Whether it's proposing to NFT characters to drink wine, to be part of a Play 2 Earn, to enjoy their wine in a metaverse or to completely revise the principle of a wine cellar... This phase is extremely important for the continuation of the project.

From wwwine to wine
Partnership with wine producers

The global wine market represents several billion dollars and is constantly growing, especially in America and Asia... However the environment remains very little digitized and difficult to decentralize. Imagine being able to buy a dozen or even a hundred bottles without having to move and without having to find the space to store them. Imagine that you can foresee an excellent year for the upcoming vintages and that you decide to buy them before the grapes have even been picked. Oui oui you've got it right... we want the wwwines to become a real property title certifying that a bottle belongs to you. Buy a wine before it is even bottled, let it age for years, resell it or have it delivered to you to really taste it... from fiction to reality... from wwwine to wine.

Connect people with wwwine
World Wide Wine Internationalization

We are proud of our good French wine... but we know that we are not alone in producing good wine! Italy and its "Trebbiano d'Abruzzo", California and its "L'Aventure"... it would be a pity to deprive ourselves of it ! And imagine tomorrow being able to exchange your wines with the rest of the world with a simple transaction on the blockchain! What is sure is that we will not build this alone, we will need the support of our community... but believe us, the journey is wwworth it !