Token details

Token Name


Token Type


Max Supply

24 024 000

Initial Supply

2 402 400


The heart of the wine industry's decentralization system

Compensation for holders

By staking the WWWINE, the holders will receive benefits in GRAPES

of the GRAPES for the staking pools

Decentralize the wine industry

World Wide Wine's mission is to decentralize the wine ecosystem.

To be able to buy a wine before it is bottled. To be able to keep it, sell it, exchange it, offer it all over the world without the bottle moving until it is requested by the owner. The wwwine will be able to travel around the world in a few seconds while the real bottle will remain stored in the vineyards. The GRAPES is the token that will be at the center of World Wide Wine, between NFTs lovers, wine lovers and wineries. It will ensure the durability and security of this decentralized system. At the moment when the wwwine is minted, It can be stacked and will generate GRAPES.
These GRAPES will continue to be generated and distributed as long as the bottle is stacked. Please note that depending on the country where the owner of the wwwine is located, the possibility of requesting the real bottle will be unlocked only when the GRAPES dedicated to the shipping and customs fees cover the real costs (this verification will be ensured via an Oracle).
It will therefore be important to stake your wwwine a majority of the time to ensure that you have enough GRAPES to claim your bottle.

Use of the token

WWW card

The objective is to make the GRAPES usable in as many stores, events as possible... It will first be possible to pay in GRAPES on our marketplace (provided by the security bottles) then in the partner stores, those who will accept the WWW card etc… We want this token to be usable in as many places as possible that add value to the community.

Holder Benefits

They will be able to stake their GRAPES in one or more pools and they will receive benefits calculated according to the determined APR. The different pools will be symbolized by production regions. According to the regions where you're staking, you will be able to receive gifts in connection with these regions. (NFT representing a vineyard, special bottles of the region, discount on wine bar of the region ... )

Partner Engagement

At first GRAPES will serve to gamify the ecosystem. When a wwwine will become a title of ownership of a real wine bottle, the token will be essential to ensure the security and durability of the bottles. The wineries responsible for the storage of the bottles will receive a percentage of the royalties as long as it has not been requested by the wwwine owner.

Token distribution

Our GRAPES token will be implemented on the Elrond blockchain, ensuring a secure, fast and carbon negative ecosystem.

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